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TAQNIA ENERGY is a subsidiary of the Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company (Taqnia), which was established at the end of 2014, with headquarters in Riyadh. TE was founded with a clear mandate of developing and investing in bankable technology-focused energy business opportunities, in order to contribute to technology localization and job creation. Seeking to be a key contributor to build a sustainable national economic sector in the field of energy. TE has set within its main objectives the development and localization of energy-related industries and services, and made it a key part of the company’s strategy. The development of industries and services in this sector leads to diversify the economic base of the Kingdom, as well as positively and significantly contribute to the creation of job opportunities for citizens at various levels. TE activities span from Energy generation with emphasis on alternative energy, enhancement of energy supply & measurement through improving systems’ efficiency & adopting innovative technologies, energy storage solutions predominantly for peak energy demand & off-grid applications


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Our Values


We embrace the highest standard of ethical behaviour and transparency in every aspects of our business to yield a company that is trusted by its clients and stakeholders.


Our success and delivery of quality programs and services are largely dependent upon the partnerships that we create with all of our internal and external stakeholders.


Our commitment to professional excellence ensures that our clients receive the highest quality service. We aspire to provide flawless execution and delivery of our products and services, execution and delivery of our products and services.

Teamwork & Leadership

Our culture of teamwork allows us to combine the quality and expertise of our professional staff to deliver optimum solutions to our clients. However, The spirit of leadership is instilled in every employee.

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TAQNIA ENERGY is a subsidiary of the Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company (Taqnia)


We thrive on creativity and ingenuity. In today’s fast-paced technology climate, innovative ideas, concepts, and processes are essential to the continued success and growth of a company.

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Strategic Objectives

Commercialization of bankable R&D outputs

Contribute to job creation and national human capacity development

Create working environment that encourages Innovation

Become the leading energy solutions company in Saudi Arabia, GCC, and MENA region

Investing in promising local and international energy companies.

Localization of different energy technologies by establishing production facilities or through knowledge transfer

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